High-quality content, backed by strategy.
Chicken Riddle Media is comprised of wordsmiths & visual artists who share the dream of bringing high-quality social media content to small businesses and non-profits on California's central coast. Are you tired of trying to run your social channels? Unsure of who or what to target? Afraid you'll get behind the times on TikTok? We've got this handled.

We don't shoot from the hip: we back our work with good 'ole fashioned research. (Here's our secret: we love research, and adapting with the times.)

When we create customized social calendars for you, here's a little of what we do:

  • Identify your target audience
  • Research them, interview them, survey them
  • Build persona / content calendars
  • Align content goals with business goals
  • Develop metrics to measure performance
  • Create a content calendar
  • Build SOPs
  • Transparent scheduling documents for efficient workflow
  • Run, analyze, repurpose, refresh…
Social media management and content creation is a full-time gig. Don’t waste time and money on posting on your channels without strategy. Strategy equals results. Let us develop the best, customized plan for you (and hey, we’ll even create a strategy for your interns). Let us be your ace in the hole.